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See how the Kentucky Community and Technical College System has brought order and clarity to registration among an expansive network of connected colleges, using Visual Schedule Builder.

Case Study Outline:
VSB aspires to make life easier for administrators and students juggling the many challenges of academic life. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System partnered with us to produce a case study demonstrating how they were able to use VSB to integrate and simplify a particularly complicated registration system.

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System

The Challenge:
To simplify registration for a system of 16 colleges spread across over 70 campuses, all sharing a single database – and at the same time to provide workable schedule options for part-time students balancing their studies with jobs and parenting.

The VSB Solution:
VSB’s unique interface allows KCTCS students to view course options across multiple colleges and campuses, and to enroll in courses across the system in a single transaction. This allows them to fulfill their course requirements at the locations and times that best serve their individual needs. This simplification has sped up the enrollment process, opening time for advisors to connect with students and focus on the big picture challenges of their academic and personal lives.

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