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See how Trent University streamlined time-consuming administrative details to the benefit of both students and staff, using Visual Schedule Builder.

Case Study Outline:
VSB is committed to helping colleges and institutions simplify the work of administration, freeing time for students and advisors to focus on academic satisfaction and success. The Office of the Registrar at Trent University partnered with us to produce a case study describing the ways in which they have been able to lighten the load on both students and staff using VSB.

Trent University

The Challenge:
To ease the burden of time typically spent on scheduling and registration issues; giving students confidence in their planning, advisors more freedom to help students navigate the university experience, and cutting down the time IT staff spend on help calls.

The VSB Solution:
The Registrar and staff at Trent saw in VSB the opportunity to solve several of their most frustrating registration challenges at once. With VSB, Trent students moved from paper-and-pencil schedule planning to a quick, intuitive system showing all options at a glance. Advisors and IT staff saw improvement immediately, as time previously spent helping with scheduling challenges was opened up to allow them to focus on the bigger picture.

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